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TUFF T01 Flat Black Chrome Inserts Wheels 8111727 You know very well that having a great looking car that sports a lot of HP may help you turn some heads, but when it comes to its rims, you really need to make sure that they are ready for facing any type of environment with ease and allow you to drive safely as well. Winter is a tough season and there are plenty of dangers you will be faced. In this regard, going with the Tuff Rims will certainly make a huge difference allowing you to drive safer and also enjoy the ride much better than before.

Advantages of Steel Wheels

If you want to go for the cheaper option, you’ll find that steel rims are your best bet. They are more functional than fashionable, made of simpler components and at the same time, they are also less glamorous. Because of that, you’ll find that driving them in the winter will make you feel safer. Also, there are many dangers you may encounter while driving on the road and if you’ll damage your rim, it will be much cheaper to get it replaced as compared to an alloy rim.

Advantages of Alloy Tuff rims

When it comes to alloy Tuff rims, they are made of composite metals and they can be manufactured in such a way that they’ll fit perfectly with your car model. You may have a car that has a low amount of clearance between the Tuff rims and the tire and in this regard, you should know that alloy Tuff rims are your only option. Not only do they look great, but they also account for the safety of your car and improve its appearance.

Disadvantages to Both Types

However, even though both types are really a great option, they also come with their disadvantages. For example, alloy wheels are known for their delicate finish and because of that, they will be more susceptible to damage in the harsh and cold winter season. This means that simple rocks may chip off a piece of the wheel and thus render it useless. On the other hand, going for the steel wheels, you will negatively influence your car’s performance and driving pleasure will certainly be affected because of it.

With that being said, now you know more about the advantages and disadvantages of these types of Tuff rims, so be sure you will consider the type that fits your needs and car model best.

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