It seems like researchers are constantly looking for new connections between what can cause a person to have a problem with alcoholism. The latest study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association found what they could label conclusive data that connects people that underwent gastric bypass surgery to having alcohol abuse problems. That means that more people that are already struggling with weight problems will end up having to visit Florida alcohol rehab or even remain in a residential rehab facility to get over their drinking issues after undergoing the surgery. Check out for more information.

What Researchers Found out From the Study

The study surveyed nearly 2200 women and men that had recently undergone various kinds of obesity surgery in the last Four years and asked these individuals questions about their particular drinking habits. This particular study found that there was almost a 50 % increase in people who had started abusing alcohol following their surgery who hadn’t experienced a problem with their alocohol consumption prior to their surgery. Patients who received gastric bypass surgery, which is a technique which shrinks the stomach, suffered double the chance of excessive drinking as other individuals that received less intrusive treatment options such as stomach banding.

Intriguing Trends Discovered

The research showed that most of the men and women didn’t have a problem with drinking before the surgical treatment or even during the year to two years after the operation. Yet, after the 2nd year following the gastric bypass operation, a significantly greater number of individuals reported abusing alcohol. The research reveals a clear pattern in alcohol related risk within the years after having a gastric bypass surgery. Fewer people reported experiencing alcohol correlated problems after they experienced alternative weight reduction procedures such as stomach banding. Excessive drinking was noted by people who responded to the survey by stating that they often consumed more than five alcoholic beverages within a single sitting or experienced memory loss after spending a night of drinking.

Possible Explanations for the Increase

It is hard to clarify the real reason for this type of huge increase in the amount of excessive drinking after gastric bypass surgery as the issues don’t take place directly after the operation. Rather, the issues begin to show up several years later and seem unrelated to the surgery. One particular explanation is that most of these men and women had been very unsocial simply because they may have been embarrassed to go out in public weighing that much. Following the surgery plus some years of really rapid weight loss, these people could possibly become more social and venture out in public areas to get drunk with their friends and co-workers.

Although scientists cannot yet identify the reason why these individuals acquire drinking problems, there’s a clear link between weight loss surgery and alcohol abuse. Quite a few of the individuals that had gastric bypass surgery will have to be checked into a Florida alcohol rehab or spend time in a different residential rehab facility. By getting help for their being overweight, some of these individuals are actually hurting themselves in the long run because they develop alcohol addiction. Go to for more information on residential rehab programs..

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