Most people are aware of a couple of the issues associated with drug addiction, however the long term mental disorders these junkies often encounter are often ignored. Psychological disorders are very prevalent among drug addicts as either a cause of their dependency or as the side-effect they developed whilst doing drugs. It is really sad that lots of drug addicts are usually treated only for their particular drug addiction while many are afflicted by borderline personality disorder and lots of other mental illnesses. Rehab and detoxification centers in the nation need to have dual diagnosis treatment programs to deal with the many people struggling with both physical drug abuse and also psychological illnesses. Please visit for more information.

History of Abuse

Borederline personality disorder is actually a mental condition that usually comes from some form of abuse as a child. The symptoms connected to borderline personality disorder are psychological instability, mood swings and tendencies to have dysfunctional personal relationships. In extreme cases individuals suffering from Borederline personality disorder resort to hurting themselves and in some cases committing suicide due to their psychological instabilities. Being abused in childhood is the most common cause of BPD, however some others develop the disorder after they become addicted to drugs.

Drug Addicition and Borderline Personality Disorder

Some people suffering from borderline personality disorder look to drugs as a means to deal with their constantly changing emotions and depression. Alternatively, in other cases, the borderline personality disorder is in fact caused by drug abuse. Extented abuse of certain kinds of drugs, especially opiates or other depressants can create emotional side-effects that continue even if the addict quits taking the drug. If both drug addiction and BPD are present in an individual both issues could become endlessly cyclical, meaning that the person will continue to use drugs to be able to not experience the emotional pain associated with their mental disorder.

Managing Drug Addiction and BPD together

Basically the only way for an individual to break the infinite cycle of hurting themselves is usually to treat both issues together. Just treating the drug abuse will not get to the root of the true problem, that’s the reason many detoxification and rehabilitation centers are providing more complete treatments for their patients. Drug abusers that also have psychological problems like BPD are particularly dangerous to themselves and others due to their mental instability. Many rehabilitation centers currently offer dual or multi diagnosis programs that allow the patient to receive treatments for their psychological disorder as well as get help with recovering from their drug addiction.

Dual diagnosis treatment programs are useful for drug addicts suffering from psychological disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder or depression. These types of programs are available at numerous rehabilitation and detoxification facilities across the united states. It is always a good practice to treat all the causes of drug addiction, including the emotional disturbances that cause them to use drugs. It is very important to look for rehab facilities that offer these specialized dual diagnosis treatment programs for people who have mental problems as well as drug addiction. Check out for more information on dual diagnosis treatments.

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