Over the last weekend, an eighteen year old woman living in the Uk ended up being rushed into the hospital soon after becoming really sick from ingesting a drink that contained liquid nitrogen. The lady was Gabby Scanlan and she at first complained about shortness of breath and severe stomach pain, before ultimately crumbling and being raced to the hospital. She had to have her own stomach extracted by doctors who explained that she could have easily died from the incident. She is still in aftercare in the medical center and suffering from the damage the liquid nitrogen put on her entire body. She might need to go to a private alcohol rehab center after her time in the medical center to continue to recuperate.

Liquid Nitrogens Purpose within the Food Industry

The employment of liquid nitrogen in food and beverage prep is really a rather classic procedure. It was first used as a way to present food in 1890 to make classy ice confections, however it’s now becoming increasingly popular. Restaurants and pubs around the globe are using liquid nitrogen for their food and drink preparation because it not only rapidly cools anything it contacts, such as glasses or drinks, but also creates a really cool smoky appearance that is similar to a witch’s cauldron. Liquid nitrogen cocktails are really trendy at expensive night clubs because they’re rather entertaining and make the drinks very cold.

The Dangers of Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen boils at -321 degrees fahrenheit, which means that it can cause instant frostbite when it contacts human flesh. Nitrogen is really a non-toxic gas which makes up virtually 80% of the air that we breathe, so the primary real danger stems from how freezing the liquid is. Whenever the liquid boils and becomes a gas it increases its volume about 600 times that of its liquid form, which may trigger a person’s stomach to blow up if its consumed. It appears that is what happened to Scanlan is the waitress presented her her cocktail too soon and she ingested liquid nitrogen causing the element to expand immensely in her stomach and forcing her to need to be rushed to the emergency room for emergency operation to cut out her stomach. Physicians are actually stating that she was in fact really lucky to have lived through the event and it’s great she was brought to the hospital as soon as she was.

Today, liquid nitrogen is not regulated in many nations across the world and it may be used in restaurants and bars to make dishes and cocktails which can be potentially unsafe. Scanlan swallowed Jager and liquid nitrogen which triggered her E.R visit and operation. She continues to be in aftercare at present still struggling with severe agony which developed as a result of her regrettable episode. She will likely need to go through private alcohol rehab once she’s released from the infirmary to continue to recover. This event has raised the question of whether or not liquid nitrogen needs to be regulated more in countries, particularly when it is used for serving food and beverages.

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